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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Deathstar saga continues

The last month or so has been busy. I haven't posted anything on the progress of the tandem van I am working on. Progress was slowed by the fact that the shop I am working out of moved in May. Couple that with the problem stripping the old paint off,and I haven't made a lot of headway. That is about to change. Sam has the van ready for primer. It will get primed and blocked this week, and the fun begins. I will have a little more time this month and plan to have most, if not all the spray work and murals done by the time the footballs fly again.

There were at least 3 paint jobs on this van.With the amount of filler in the van we couldn't use chemicals to strip it, so we ended up taking off the top clear coat this way.....on the entire van. As you can see it was on there pretty thick.
After sanding and blocking the pass.side, we pulled it out of the building to turn it around. Even though the building is 60 feet wide ,it wasn't enough. It's like turnin' the Queen Mary around. After wrestling it back inside, we proceeded to sand the rest of the paint off. Care must be taken not to sand low spots in the surface. with all the bondo in it, it's easy to do. Block sanding is about the only way to do it right. Man my arms are sore!!

Then we find things like this. This is the front driver side fender with a stress crack . We found several of these. Small but they must be welded up ..
A couple days like this and I could strangle Stay tuned gang. I'll have more as we get primer on it............later Say goodbye Yoda............