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Monday, February 11, 2013

The wiring in the console gets more complicated as we go.Because of the placement of the door latch,using a solenoid to open the door is somewhat difficult. The window motors and other structures don't leave much room.  So I found a kit from Auto-Lock to convert the windows to remote operation

Hopefully this is the last thing to wire in  the console.  I have to install switches for interior lighting but I have all the connections ready to hook up.
I love this....the remote unit has another channel that allows me to hook up a release for the side door that will work with the same remote. 
   The entire van will have sound deadening mat applied. Sticky rubber mats that keep road noise down and insulate the interior
When making a custom install, there is a lot of trial and error.  So far there has been about 3 errors and 2 two trials on the radiator. but I think this combo will work.   
We had to give the shroud the steep angle to clear all the obstructions, and keep it high enough off the ground as not to get ripped off by debris in the road.

The enging cover is the next thing on the list. If you haven't seen the older post where we shortened the engine cover maybe you should go back and check it out.  Suffice to say the dog house is almost 8 inches shorter than stock. There is some welding to finiosh up and holes to make to be able to bolt it all togeather..  then it will be the first pieces to get painted!   O Boy!
When I show this truck, I want to show the engine. this engine box is deep and all the cool stuff is to low to see.   IDEA.     
  Make a  front engine cover with a cutaway, that I can install when the van is on display.
  With a little fab work and welding , it is all visible!
Vance came down and we finished up some  welding that was needed on the trans mount.  
 Hopefully the weather will warm up enough that I can get the radiator filled and trans lines finished and finally drive  it!!  till next time....