Vanning is a compulsion, an obsession, an occupation, an affliction, a fascination, a fate. It is not a hobby. Those who do it, must. Those who don't, think it's a waste of time. For me it is a calling.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

where we far

I've been working endless hours on the early.The goal of having it ready for the SEMA show just got a week closer.The show starts the last week of October. omg....
   The metal work on the dash is pretty much finished. The mount for the stereo head unit is done.  It looks real cool. Got it primed. The new headlight switch is mounted left of the instrument cluster  The instrument bezel is an all aluminum piece out of a sportsman window van I've had for years. It will look good with the other stock appointments.The tilt wheel steering column is almost ready to install.  The  wiring is almost complete.  We had to take the shift lever off the column . The barrel around the column with the hole where the shift lever was has been replaced with the cover from a Camaro  with a floor shifter..... slick!!
The fiberglass door Matchstick did for me is the only body work left to be done. we got it hung and aligned.. Because of the shape of the outside sheet metal the hinges couldn't be mounted close enough to the outside of the van to prevent the door from hitting the outside when fully opened. Sooo, I had to modify the door shape in the center, and the shape of the door frame also.
Then round the corners of the door and door frame to match the front doors.
The biggest problem was the latch to hold the door shut. I found a door latch and inside handle that would work very nicely at the junk yard out of a late model ford van, along with power window motors. Cut metal to fit the frame and hold the latch in place, lined it up with a catch in the door jamb and presto!  CLOSING DOOR.
 The body work is progressing on the door and surrounding area, .In the lower picture I have taken the door back off to finish the door frame. You can clearly see the "bump" in the door frame where I had to reshape it.
As I said earlier, the wiring is almost complete also.  The wiring to the engine is done. The motor runs. That was the biggest question.. If I could get all those wires run to the correct place.  As you see, the wiring harness goes out from under the dash on the passenger side and comes down from the dash in the middle and runs under the seat...That will be covered with a console.   Notice the ECM is mounted in the wall behind the driver seat.
This lower pic is looking in the driver door..
With a little modification the power window motors work real good.  The problem is that early models have very shallow doors where the glass goes down into them.  I used the track system from a ford van. I moved the track from the center of the door to the deeper part of the door and made an arm to reach over to the center to raise and lower the glass.  Works like a charm!. 
Stay tuned...lots of fun to go yet!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's been a busy spring......

When the weather warms up the phone starts to ring. Everyone is anticipating the warm weather and getting their ride ready. 
I was invited to participate in a charity auction to be held at the Arizona bike week and Sturgis.

  This is one of the pieces I did for the auction 
2013 is the 50th birthday of Rat Fink. The rodent mascot of the late Ed Big Daddy Roth. This piece is my creation celebrating the occasion. It is approved by Ilene Roth, The Godmother of Fink. There will only be 63 of these made, representing the year of Finky's birth, 1963. Each will be unique, painted by me. Signed by both Ilene and me, and numbered.  The premier of these will be at this years Rat Fink Reunion, coming next month.  
             Some things are to weird for
Once I'm home it's back to work on the Early Dodge. 

If there was one wire there were a thousand! lol Dale fabricated metal fuel lines for me... look just like stock..
 all in a days work!