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Monday, May 3, 2010

whats goin on. part 2

Last month was my annual trip to florida for the spring show in Daytona. I arrived on wednesday at the Jim Bags house to get my trailer and the show stuff that I left there in November. We went to the track the next day to set up for the show. The wind seems to get worse every year. It was all we could do to get it up even with two of us.

The show was a little down this year. the economy I guess.

this was early on sat. the weather was cold and rainy also.not the best weather for a show.

After the show I had several jobs to do for a couple of my regulars.
My friend Wayne from Melbourne had me do some more work on his bus and a 39 Nash. then It was off to St Cloud. Stayed with Lou and Agnes. And I got to do this cool Dodge challenger

It's been a long busy spring. since i've been back the phone has been ringing out of my pocket. here's a sample.

More stuff for Mr. Green
Between all that I have been working on the Flying Eagle. The Engine compartment was in need of attention among other things. I'll keep you up on that as it goes. It is getting a serpetine belt system as well as a vintage air system. Got all the dash out and the engine compartment apart.
Had to redo the glass in the little door between the front and rear compartment. Thanks Chris for the glass. I think I nailed the butterfly!

The new hood with the louvers punched in it. wait till you see what I did to the underside.......<>

painting the engine bay to match the outside candy orange. more to come!