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Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's that busy time of year

 The spring brings nicer weather as well as an increase in phone calls for work.  as much as I want to stripe and the like. I am still spending every extra hour in the garage.
      The end of May always brings the Rat Fink Reunion. That's one thing that will get me out of the garage. This year was the 10th annual since the Big Daddy passed on. Hardly seems possible.It also marks Rat Finks 50th Birthday....That's really hard to believe.  I can remember when Rat Fink was one! 
I did this sign for Ilene the year she built this building... The neighbor lady complained when she hung it on the outside. so it ended up on the inside wall...,
One of theearly customs built by Ed,is the Tweetie pie. Recently restored by Dave Shutton Working for Galpin Ford,Ilene got to go for a ride..
This was Rat Finks Birthday cake.... It was good!!
This was one of my art pieces and the girl that won it  She ran in the 5k run to get it..... I didn't lol
I did this one as my show award.  Gave it to a 1940 Plymouth. Cool rod!
the show was the biggest yet close to 250 cars. from as far away as Iowa.. very cool!
6 years ago  Kenny,Magoo & I went to visit Ed's grave on sat night since we hadn't had the chance earlier during the reunion. .It has grown over the following years and our Funk,Funk & Fink has become the traditional final activity of the reunion.We end up in the cemetery in front of the temple,at midnight telling Ed stories and cutting up. It was especially fun this year.,   Another tradition seems to be Magoo's trip to the hospital. He had an episode about 10 sat night , the squad came for him but thankfully he was o.k.  He made us wait to do out trip to see Ed.
The cemetery trip was the most fun of the weekend...and the joke now is that Magoo is the only person in Utah to be taken to the hospital, the grave yard, and back all in one night!.

After that it was back home. A quick (?) trip back to the ole homestead and back to work.

The door was the last major job on the body to finish.   Gettin' very close.

  That was the last of the bodywork   It's going to need blocked and primed a couple times to get all the minor imperfections out but that can wait till the mechanical stuff is done.  I want to test drive it on the street before labor day!!                                       .