Vanning is a compulsion, an obsession, an occupation, an affliction, a fascination, a fate. It is not a hobby. Those who do it, must. Those who don't, think it's a waste of time. For me it is a calling.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Never enough time

Last week I received a call from Mr. Green. An old customer of mine that restores old horse drawn vehicles. He had another job for me, lettering a couple wagons. I went and took measurements,so I could make patterns . That was Friday..... Then I remember I was to go to Fast Eddies moon pie run in Indiana. Left early Sat. to go to the show. Took some stuff to give to Ilene, and drove 3 1/2 hours.. The whole thing was a blurrrrrr! El Vago (Ray Smith) showed up. Hadn't seen him in ages.. It was fun to paint with him again!
There were a lot of stripers there this year . Most of the regulars, Scal, Wendel, Shane,Web, and a lot of guys I can't remember their names....sorry. The weather was crappy,and we ended up inside. There were fewer cars than last year but, I think the weather caused that.

Ray brought his newest hat.. He's always good for a great laugh. A tribute to "Swine Flew" I didn't get a lot pf pictures. Was busy having to much fun. Hey Wendell!, can I have your autograph??? Ray is demonstrating a cool brush he acquired. He got a stash of mack striping brushes from an old sign painters kit. These were made in the 1920's. Wow, the difference is unbelievable. Ray cut loose of one for me....THANKS RAY. I will put it to good use.
Afterwords,we all went to Applebee's and had a great time. Wish we could do this more often... Back to the real world.... Went to Mr Green's first thing Monday.and did the wagons... it went like this...

These wagons were not for anyone in particular so he wanted me to make up some name and town for the bakery wagon. I came up with these..

Another successful back to that van.