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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Been workin!!

       I've been working feverishly under the van for the last couple weeks.  Got the front axle out and have been grinding, sanding, and priming the parts and the underside of the van.  Last weekend,  John showed up to help me get the steering column finished.  It's been in limbo, waiting for parts and Dale putting it together.., if you forgot.. i'm putting a tilt column from a chevy into the early.  The boys trial fit it several months ago and all that is needed now is to fabricate a mount to hold it in place.
    Dale got me the cover from a Camaro, to eliminate the column shift lever.even tho it goes around the outside we had to take the column completely apart to get it on. what a job.  I know I wouldn't have been able to do that without his help! We made a steel tube to go over the lower part of the column to bolt to the stock mounts on the column. That was then welded to the stock Dodge bracket that held the original steering column. With a little modification of course.
This is what we ended up with...,.,...,
You would hardly know it came out of an Astro!
Only thing here is to finish the wiring and this part is DONE! !!

   Been musing over how to finish off the headlights.  I wanted to do away with the ugly stock trim rings. I modified the light buckets to set the lights back several inches similar to the sunken taillights. In a previous post I tapered the sides inward and now finished them off with a trim ring from a 56 ford f-100 pick up.  Man I love this look! 
 It reminds me of the turbine car that Chrysler built back in 1962..   you think that the van Dodge built right after that, might have a little of that influence?
   Last weekend we went to Van Slam.  Took the Flying Eagle and won Best of show!. But the best news of the weekend was when our old friend Woodstock showed up. Woody has been battling cancer the last several years and it is now in remission.  That is great news!  Hope to see a lot more of you woodstock!!!
  So it was back to the garage to sweat over (or under) the Dodge
Got the front axle painted and replaced the spring bushings.
Finished painting the underside.  its time to start putting things back togeaqther.
  Got my serpentine system for the engine.  Can't wait to get the motor back in and start playing with this!

 Boys were here to help fabricate the mounts for the radiator..
Gonna put it in at an angle ala Corvette.. it is a Vette radiator after all  lol.
                                          Vance's weld.  Isn't it Purrdee.. Haha.
The engine is ready to go back in... by next time it should be back in the van.  Till then.........