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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A short 2 weeks after the reunion, it was time to go to Minnesota, for Back to the 50's. Last year this was the largest car show in the country, with nearly 12,000 vehicles. This years show was just as big. Before I could go, there were a couple things that I needed to get done.
A stripe job for Sam I Am, and a new sign for the booth.. Before I could even get out of Ohio , another incident with tires!!! stuck in front of the Clark County Fairgrounds. no spare for the trailer...
After a visit from road service I was on the way
Seems this state gets bigger every year..... dam toll roads!
The show kept me busy. A lot of cool cars .

There is a cute story behind this one.. a Texas couple, involving Lupins and goats.. it was a hit with everyone...

Kenny, this one's for you!! And my last visit was from a celebrity,, Doc, from the Cars movie... had to keep shooing the kids away. lol.

Another sucessfull to hurry home.. got to get ready for the Van Nats....


Gear_Shifter said...

Excellent work on the TAZ, like everything else too.

Ken Mitchroney said...

Nice work Cooper! And yes, I dig the " Stinky Fink" ride.