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Monday, December 7, 2009

Back at it!!!

Since my last post, I have been working on the Deathstar, Alot!.. I,ve decided not to post anymore photos of the van, till it is finished. Maybe a close up shot or two. but till the van comes out next summer, I'm keeping it under wraps. Soooo, what else have I been doing? Till a few weeks ago, not much. November brings the end of football season (bummer) and another birthday (another bummer). The van club had the last meeting of this year at my place, and we had a Halloween, football & birthday (3 of us) party rolled into one. I got to show off my newly tilled patio, and my new grand daughter. The "boys" built a bonfire up the hill to signal the space station,

and we cooked and ate till the we hours...oh yea, & the Buckeyes beat Penn State!
The Following week was spent getting ready to head out of town for the Turkey run,in Florida.As you may know, I do this show every year,and then hang out for a while working and soaking up the warm weather. Before I went, Vance and I spent a lot of time working on the van,since this years trip will be an extended one. One thing both of us didn't like is the height if the new seats in the van so we cut down the bases and lowered the seats 2 inches. Wow, what a difference.

The best investment I ever made was getting Vance that Tig welder. He is getting real good at it. Also a quick update on the van hood.. He has it mounted to the van.It fits pretty good after some "tweaking". He now has the Idea to make the scoops functional.

now would you call that a hood ornament?? I had a couple things to finish at Sams' before the Michigan game. This sweet little rod got a small graphic and I outlined it and added a couple custom touches. Now that the Michigan Game Is History, it is time to head to the turkey run.. More to come!!!! oh yes....another shot of my grandaughter Vada!

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That sure is a cute baby. ;) -V