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Sunday, October 24, 2010


There isn't a lot to report since last time as far as cool striping goes.But that dosn't mean I haven't been been busy. The following pics are from a couple of wagons I did for my good customer, Mr. Green. He always has something unusual for me to work on. This time it was a horse drawn oil tanker, and a school bus/ wagon. Both very rare anymore.

I took a short trip to Utah. Took the chop, basicly because I had to. (more on that later). It was fun to drive it again like that. I forgot how much attention it gets. Loaded up on fink stuff, and had a confab with the godmother of Fink. This is the only time these 2 vans have been togeather.

Been working on another van for Tom from California. The Deathstar is still at the upholstery shop, so we started on this project.
Been to a couple van shows, The last was Last Chance. The old van still garners a trophy now and then....
The boy had his wheels powder coated and had me stripe them. They turned out quite well, if I dont say so myself..
Here is what I have been doing for the last month... I had an altercation with a UPS truck about a month ago and was forced to aquire another work van. This will be the new Rat Fink van. As for the old one.......................................
Still gives me the heebe jeebies. I'll post progress on the new van as I go along.


Gear_Shifter said...

WOW!! You have been busy. It was time for a new truck / paint job anyways. Chop still is one awesome van and glad it's still up for trips.

Chris Anderson said...

Wow! I hope you weren't injured! Did you keep the back door? I always loved admiring the arched striping you had on the back.

Chris A.

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

Actually, the rear doors are going to Ilene's Fink collection. The doors wern't hurt but i couldnt use them on the new van. and no I wasn't hurt... thanks for asking.

Chris said...

Glad you're ok! And good to know the doors are going to a deserving collection.