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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

After dropping the kids in Vegas, I headed back to L.A. Ended up paying a visit to Mitch at his new job directing the cartoon series ,FAN BOY & chum chum, at Nickelodeon. Got the grand tour and popped in to say Hi to our buddy Jeff DeGrandis..HEY MO!! He sketched a quick Spongebob for my grand daughter. The man is a TRIP!! Headed back to Jimmy C's for the rest of the trip and then back home.... ( I'll be back for that in-n-out burger next month!)

Woah, That yours truly in a Blackhawk helicopter! Would love to learn how to fly one, but I'm here to do a job for the guys in the blackhawk squadron. Jim gave me the tour of the facility. IMPRESSIVE!. These guys were in Afghanistan last year,and had some stories to tell. They deserve all the respect we can give them!!

These choppers were getting their scheduled maintenance

This is the helmet I did for one of their members who is retiring....thanks to all of you!

Matchstick got the doors finished for the chevy I'm doing for Tom. They turned out quite well.

A little finish work,& some primer and she's ready for a paint job!


Anonymous said...

hey this is BajaCharlie the guy who sold ya that van(bummed I didnt get ta meet ya at CofC)lookin cool howd ya like the custom paint behind the hubcaps?

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

the purple and orange????? yea we'are still wondering about that one LOL