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Monday, July 30, 2012

 I've reached the point where I need to start painting . I got the engine out. The trans needs to be painted. And the underside is getting painted too. Along with the rear axle and springs.., The rear end is out and needs sanded and cleaned up.
    The underside needs cleaned and sanded.....still can't get over a 40 year old van with no rust on it.. I'm in  heaVAN!!
 After a day and a half of sanding and scrubbing I got the parts painted. The green is going to contrast nicely with the black on the underside
 the bottom of the gas tank gets a little finkizing before it goes back in.
 Time to start putting things back togeather.,.,.,what fun!!!
 One thing I hate is layin on my back gettin dirt in my face.... but it looks so good when its done!!
 Tank went in easily
 Damm this is heavy
  Axle back in
 gota put on brackets for the disc brake conversion

All for the front half

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BvrWally said...

Looking good buddy! :)