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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some times you just have to take a break.......

     Things happen in life to change your direction ,attitude or your enthusiasm. Usually when you don't want it to.  I have jumped into this van project with both feet. I figure it will be the last van I do from scratch and I want it to be the best thing I have done or can do.,  
      So far I have shortened the van, stripped it to a sheet metal shell. Done most of the body work on the body with lots of custom body mods.  The new motor is in.  A full custom install , with a lot of modification to the many to mention now.
     I haven't got a lot done in the last month. I've had a lot of distractions with things happening that have kept me out of the garage.  I don't want to drag it all up here.
 So here are some of the things that have gotten done since the last post.

  The county fair is a big deal here.  There is a category for art and photography competition. I have always wanted to put a Fink painting in the fair... so this is what I did for this year...   It ended up on ebay and sold right away... went to

And yes, it's football season.Anyone who has been around me knows I am a big Ohio State fan. Thanks to one of my club members, Paul, I have access to season tickets, I also belong to the Quarterback club that meets every week during the season, and we get a visit from the coach. Quite exciting.

I got a call from Dan Wright, the model A guy.  He had another A that needed striped.. I need to keep my striping skills sharp.
ok  Back to the van 

Got the radiator and the condenser for the air conditioning mounted. Mounted the dryer and measured for all the hoses.
They fit at an angle just like in a Corvette..   this works so well I can't believe it hasn't been done before. But I haven't see anyone do it.

You can't see it very well but I also had a time making a bracket to hold the throttle cable ,trans kick down cable, and the cruise control cable.  They all needed to be in a specific place to work properly. I started with a stock bracket, since it already had the proper holes for the cables to attach to.  Instead of the stock dodge throttle linkage I used a Lokar aftermarket throttle cable. After several modifications I think I got it all aligned. 
The wiring for the alternator was also a mystery.  The schematic I have for the Astro wiring harness,doesn't show all the wires that I have to hook up.  Thanks to Dale I got that solved also. 

Got the hoses made for the air conditioning. Had to made a couple more holes in the floor to pass them through. Amazing, they all fit to a T!

Ran the hoses from the water pump and the block for the heater and the unit is ready to go back under the dash  There is a small amount of wiring to finish.. want to make sure I got it all right.  So far it seams to be working. Hooked up the battery and none of the smoke leaked out!  LOL

  Vance is in the process of making me an all aluminum shroud for the radiator. He wants to use an electric fan from a Ford Crown Vic cop interceptor. Says its better than the POS fans I already have. lol  ..cant wait till I get that! 
    After that, the radiator needs plumbed. Then Vance wants to make me a stainless steel exhaust system... Wonder what that is gona cost me?   haha.

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