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Thursday, January 23, 2014

What does one do when it's -10 degrees

This time of year it gets this way. Trying to paint becomes a little more of a challenge. This 53 pick up stake truck is owned by one our local dealerships. I was asked to do the dealers name on the doors.
They wanted something a little retro.
Looks pretty good to me.
Just don't take it outside for a while!
the door panels are coming along.  I wanted to give them a little character.
Since there is no inside door handle,there isn't a door pull or armrest.
I cut these designs into the panels and they will have a recessed panel with the orange leather on them.
I need something to pull the door shut.  After hunting the net for some ideas I decided to get out my trusty draw knife and carve my own. 
After the panel is covered the pull will be painted green and installed.

The rest of the door panel will be covered with the tan leather material.
I hope to have the door panels covered by the next update.
And speaking of the tan material, Ron brought me the first pieces he covered. He sewed the material to fit the front and rear engine cover sections.  He did an awesome job!

He is working on the seats now. I have some surprises in store for them.


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