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Monday, May 5, 2008

While looking for a photo, I came across these. In 2000 we went to moldys first Rat Fink party in n. hollywood My bud Kenny brought out the Ed Roth bike he had restored ,the "High Flyer". Very cool job he did on it too. That was the same party that I snaped one of jimmy's brushes in two. I've never heard the end of that one even though I gave him one to replace it. O well , what are friends for?. After Ed past away, Ken donated the bike to the National Auto Museum in Reno, where it took its place beside many other Roth creations including the Beatnik Bandit. Before it went into the collection he had me pinstripe it. Wow, what a cool job that was. That was the 3rd Roth piece I've been privilaged to work on.

On saturday nite we were gettin goofy. Bert had a childs shirt with someting wrong with it and he wanted to see if I could get in it. this was the result. Should have seen me trying to get out of it. A fashion statement if I've ever seen one. NUK NUK


The Blue Parrot said...

I've always wondered what the story was behind that pic.

Now we know...

Ken Mitchroney said...

Just like making Coop sausage. The cool thing about the trike is, it was pinstriped by Bud Thon ( Who drew out the scallop designs on paper for me ) he did one half of the bike( Right after getting out of back surgery) and i did the other half, and you did the final work on the way into the museum.
Very cool pic of me and the Roth guy. Never saw that one. Just saw the trike last trip. It,s in the lobby and looking fine!