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Thursday, March 5, 2009

LAS VEGAS AND Back. pt.2

It was Sunday morning and It was time to head for home. I was to bring home tom's van so I could put a new paint job on it.. the van has a new engine in it and I was a little apprehensive but after a short test drive I was ready to go. As they say, life is an adventure, enjoy it!
This is one radical looking van,this should be fun! Left Vegas and headed north. Rt. 15 goes along the north edge of the Grand Canyon region. For a guy that has lived in Ohio for 50 some years this is a treat to see this kind of scenery. I love this. Gorgeous! Then crossing into Utah, came to the town of St. George. Guess what I found!! One last one. It has to last till December?AAAHHHH! Then it was on to Manti, Utah. Needed to see Ilene, get some more Rat Fink stuff, and some rest. Hung out Monday, Went north to Ephram,to have lunch and a milkshake. The local car lot had the coolest little truck..I stand and look at this and see it with the bed off and boxing in the back.. It would be the cutest little van. These are now street legal in Utah. Wonder if the state of Ohio is that smart.. maybe I'll make it my next work van. It has a 3 cylinder engine and gets over 50 MPG.... well..... Tuesday The weather was great. Got loaded and on the road early.This may be the only time these vans are together..
I love this kind of scenery. This part was a joy.
All along the way I was getting more attention for the van . Pictures and waves for 2000 miles.
Crossed into Colorado and the mountains got bigger and even more impressive.
I want to take this train ride..... Roger??? Then the road goes through the canyon where the road and the river are literally on top of each other.. Absolutely fabulous!

Near Vail I stopped for gas and food then when I tried to start the van.... FLOODED. "Then a little trick Dale taught me. On a fuel injected engine , to clear a flood, disconnect the plug that powers the injectors. Crank the engine till it starts. Then plug it the injectors. Worked like a charm. Total time, 7 minutes. Back on the road again.
This is the huge tunnel at the summit..very cool Then through Denver and across the plains and home.. no problem. Can't wait to do it again... now it's time to work on the van. stay tuned gang for updates.. for now......sleep.


Ken Mitchroney said...

That trips great in a van but you should try it on a motorcycle. It's great. You will have a hard time taking pictures though.
And thank Dale for the tip. I'm stealing it!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Coop! Looks like you had a nice time cruising back east. Looking forward to more pics on the blog. Brad

The Blue Parrot said...

Well, I've always loved the route of the Zephyr through Utah and Colorado. It's some pretty impressive scenery. I'm ready to go any time.

The only issue is the cost. Oakland to Denver is some serious miles. Like 2800 of them roundtrip at $2.10 each for $5880! More than the cost of a full trip to Sparks. And that's before we throw in all the rest of the costs... Wanna ride that route? Call Amtrak - 1-800-USA-RAIL. At certain times of the year, there are deals to be had.

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

actually I could take the train next time I go to the rat fink reunion... wana go???