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Monday, March 16, 2009

whats happin'in now!

The only problem with the coming of spring is the car kustom business gets busy.. not that I'm complaining,mind you , but this time I've obligated myself to some big projects. The Tandem van will be a huge part of the next few months. This past weekend Vance came over and wanted to start the making of a mold to copy the astro hood that I made for my van. He wants one for his van.

We laid up several layers of resin and cloth working out the bubbles and extra resin to make a real strong structure, after it set we pulled it apart. We added a little extra to the back to give the hood a cowl induction look. looks pretty good for a couple rookies, lol
This is the finished mold. We're going to use the interior structure also,so we can use the stock mounting plates and latch.. hopefully we'll be able to do this ,this weekend. Last week we got the steering worked out on the pedal car. Finished gluing all the parts togeather,now the only thing left is the drive pedal cranks and well be motivatin'.
I also have a couple paint projects to do. One is another can for a good customer. Another finky with flames, on a green candy base. so far so good..... if you didn't know , you can click on any picture and make it bigger.... more later. Coop

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Anonymous said...

finaly got A chance to check out your blog and found it to be vary interesting you have been busy. hope you stay that way your freind Brody