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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the latest

Well, I don't know where to start. The last week or so has been busy. Thats normal for this time of year. The tandem van has made some progress.

Because of the amount of bodywork on this van we have to strip it by sanding it ,instead of using a chemical stripper. Slow going but it must be stripped. Meanwhile the striping brushes have been at full speed

I also finished another can. This one is destined to go to Canada

There are always the jobs that make for even more fun, this one was one such project. This truck was built special for a BBQ cook off held in Mt. Vernon. It was an old cement truck with the mixer removed,and a complete kitchen and cooker/smoker built in its place. Then decorated with monsters

This past weekend we managed to finish the first fibreglass hood skin for the astro van. After pulling the pieces apart We took apart an Astro hood to get the inner structure to have the mounting plates for the hinges and latch striker

I've also been working on some new t-shirts for my enterprize. Making screens. and printing shirts. check these out

This coming week will be my clubs annual van-in. hopefully I'll have some cool stuff to show you from then. later!!


[rich] said...

Love the T-Shirts and reading the blog.

Moldy Marvin said...

duuuuud! Kewl stuff... Now howz'bout checkin' this out!

www.FinkBook.comis very similar to FaceBook and has a lot of really great features that you can use to stay in touch with other Finksters.

Check it out!

Big Love,

tha Moldy one

customvan said...

You've been busy. I had heard you were going to refresh Battlestar but did not know you redoing it. I can't wait to see it.
The Astro hood is very nice, you always have the koolest shop trucks.
Nice work on the t's I'll get one from you at the Nats.