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Monday, June 15, 2009


It's That time of year again. Time for the Rat Fink reunion. The last couple years I have driven out to Utah instead of flying. With all the stuff I needed to take I decided to do it again. Judith my vanning friend from Florida, just happened to be in the area and decided to go along. It was nice to have a rider for the long trip.Makes it easier having a back up driver. Judith being the consummate traveler had us going to a number of sights along the way. Took an extra day, but it was cool to see all the Americana. Stopped in Abilene, Kansas so Judith could do some geocaching. We were in a cemetery and found a memorial to all the service men and women that came from the area. found a number back to the civil war.and their most famous service man Dwight Eisenhower. very cool.

down the road in Victoria, there is the "Cathedral of the plains" A beautiful structure from stone built in 1910, by the parishioners. Beautiful!.you find the wildest vehicles in the most out of the way places..
On westward, after a stop at Judiths brother in Eagle Colorado. we went on through the canyon where the highway follows the Colorado river, to me this is the best part of the ride..

The trip took us to the Arches park. I have never been there before. what an absolutely beautiful place! We did more hiking the next 2 days than I ever have.

Sunday found us on the way to the Rat Fink Reunion. I'll get to that next post.......

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Anonymous said...

looks like you two had a good time in the Arches and at the Reunion.