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Sunday, January 17, 2010


We got up early to get back to L.A. When we got to N. Hollywood, I remembered we were close to George Barris' Shop. I figured the "Boys" would get a charge of stopping to see him. We arrived to find George At his desk working away. He welcomed us and let us loose to wonder the studio.
There's George back there yakin' away on the phone. This would be "Kitt" from the show ,Nightrider. The original "Batmobile" And the Munster coach.
There is so much car history in this place. This is the car James Dean died in. A repro for the movies.
George has been doing vehicles for the movies,and T.V., as well as personal vehicles for the Hollywood crowd,and don't forget the show cars. and he has records of everyone of them. I could have stayed there all day, but we have places to go.. And this would be Georges daily driver. Cool! oh yea.. this was just down the street...

We made it to Tom's to get the DODGE. Now to get out of Hell! lol Next stop ..Las Vegas... Well, there was one in Barstow Driving across the desert, we stopped at a rest area, NO BRAKES! We limped it to the next exit,to get some brake fluid. stumbled onto the worlds only water fall urinal?? yes that's right! what an experience. We managed to get there O.K.

Stayed at the Rio. It was a great place. This was the first trip to Vegas for the Boys, and we hit the town ready to Gamble. Went down town to the Horseshoe and I showed them how to play the crap table. Hung out on Freemont street then went sight seein'. Later we went to the Venician. they had some cool Christmas decorations. Ended up at Emeril's steak house for dinner..WOW THAT WAS GOOD!! This is a water fall pool with cranberrys floating in it. neet!
Ready for a night on the town?? The next day we hit the World buffetWe packed up the vans and got ready to hit the road. We put the Dodge on the tow bar.

now for the next 2000 miles!


Anonymous said...

DO you have any Pinstripe panels for sale?

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

Not at the moment. but I have a couple started... email me....

Anonymous said...

hey coop this is jeff the fellow with the 59 chevy wagon in fla. the blue one you been stripin for the past 6 years now . well today some lazy trucker didn't secure his dumptruck's tailgate and the hood and fenders got chipped any way i could get an estimate to restripe this year in daytona or maybe sooner . you can email me at thanks

Anonymous said...

hey its BajaCharlie from WHEELS the guy you bought the 70 from what happened to the grill?Would like to hear more about the vans trip from here to your I heard it overheated or somethig?hit me back at check out a pictorial history of this van at