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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mooneyes christmas party and beyond

Early Saturday morning we got up and headed to Irwindale raceway in the rain. The weather was not going to cooperate. We found Ilene and the rest of the crew. They were in the usual place beside Jimmy and Dena. Just like old times.We helped them both set up the covers and get out all the stuff. It rained off and on all day, but we were able to get out and look around.
This thing was a monster. Engine is a diesel, and that crank??

I came up with the Idea for a Rat Fink Christmas design and painted it on a can for the party.Ilene ended up making a shirt out of it and had them there.
With the weather like it was, we tore down early and headed to our other destination, the 13th annual Brush Off. This is an invite only gathering, of mainly pinstripers and custom painters. As usual there was a great dinner. All the artists brought a panel or piece of art for the exchange. Check these out.

This is the coolest wagon ever. Too bad it wasn't in the exchange. OUTRAGEOUS! We had a great time , as usual. I always enjoy hangin with other stripers. The next day the boys and I headed north. Wanted to go up in the Sequoia National park and see the trees! We got lost,trying to get into the southern entrance to the park. It isn't open in the winter so we wandered around trying to find our way out. out in BFE,calif. Hey! Shut the door, he dosn't look happy. Where's the ATM???
We found this great place to eat, and they had to spoil it with that banner!! O-H......
Spent the night in Visalia, Ca. Just outside the southern entrance to the park We couldnt get into the park without tire chains,so we made a trip to the store to find some. We got up early Monday and drove to a spot just outside the park to watch the sunrise. The sunlit peaks in this picture was our destination. We spent the next several hours driving up into these mountians. stopping every 200 yards to look. It was beautiful!!
This is Moro rock. there is a trail that takes you out on the top where you can see nearly the entire park. We couldn't get there , closed for the winter. Here we go!
At one time you could drive through here , but you can see where people hit the top with their rv's. Now the road goes around. We still Have a long way to go. Another shot of Moro rock. We're about halfway up the mountain.
It's getting colder! This was worth the trip! This is where we took that last picture. We are getting up there!
Then we find snow and wildlife! Then we enter the Giant forest

We really didn't want to leave...but tomorrow we need to be south of L.A. to get the Dodge out of hell!!

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