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Monday, January 14, 2008

After much prodding i have started a blog. thank you Mr. Mitchroney! As I am new at this I will be taking my time to put something of interest up here. This past weekend I made the trip to San Francisco to attend the pinstripers gathering at the cow palace in conjunction with the car show there. There were about 40 pinstripers and automotive artists on hand to paint panels , cans, and other weird stuff, including a car, to be auctioned off at the show, to benifit the make a wish foundation. They raised nearly 15,000 dollars by the time i left. Not bad for a first time event. hats off to everyone there and to artie for running the whole thing. (herbie herbie). thanks kenny for takin me to the sites. rode the cable cars(not enough). took the ferrie across the bay, and ate like a pig all weekend. You gotta have the cake log at the Claim Jumper! auggh.

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Phoenyx said...

Heya Coop! It was great to finally meet you at the SF Show a couple weekends ago. I just want to know... is your Beaver still happy?