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Sunday, January 20, 2008

How do you paint in this cold?

Off to the local body shop to do a job for one of their customers , .. the humiliation of all humiliation. I am to paint the Florida gators logo on the deck lid of a car. Being a buckeye fan this is tough but, .. the customer didn't bring the whole car, just the deck lid. ill have a couple days to finish it.speaking of the buckeyes, my son and I went to the national title game in New Orleans. We joined a bus trip with a number of the guys that we tailgate with during the season.Had a great time, to bad the bucks didn"t. O well, theres always next year.
here I am at Sam the painters shop working on a set of bike parts.
thank god the heats on. this guy turns a lot of work and is an up and comer in the central ohio area. GO SAM! (the poor boy has never had an in-n-out burger)