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Thursday, June 12, 2008


After bustin bunz to get things done, I took to I-70 and headed west to Utah. 2 days later, I was in Manti, home of the kingdom of the fink. I was the first artist type to arrive,but Flash, art teach extraordinaire, showed up about an hour later. We wasted no time unloading the trucks, and first thing in the morning we were slingin paint! Ilene ,the Godmother of fink,had several projects for us to work on to start. Each artist was to bring a piece to give as an award in the show,and a piece to auction. I had mine but needed to finish them. By the end of the day a bunch more artist types were there Magoo, Mitch,Mark,Shane,and at least 5 more.and the garage was in full swing. We were working late into the night.Mitch showed up with an in-n-out burger he brought from from Reno. What a mad man. Of course I ate it. mmmmm Heaven!! The reunion started on Thurs. One of the first things we did was to have a "how to pinstripe" seminar with Magoo and I. that was very interesting. Several guys were there to learn some of the basics of pulling the line. loved it!!!. Flash and I slid out to go north to Eiphram,and some of the best mexican food I've ever had. Victor the owner, had us do his pick-up truck a couple years ago and has treated us like kings ever since. Mexican is a ritual at the fink reunion now. Speaking of food.Ilene's sister, Dixie ,and Debbie. cooked for everyone all weekend.Waffles,eggs, burgers, turkey steaks, fajitas,steak taters,and more. must have gained 5 pounds . Friday was when the car and bike guys started showing up. We were all striping up a storm. Magoo had made a resolution to not cuss, yell, or loose his temper when he first got there. wasn't 20 minutes till he broke the first one. we couldn't let that one go by. We made a tote board to keep track all weekend. Everyone got in on that fun. Frank is so much fun to razz. But on a serious note. Later Friday,while working on the dash of a 55 chevy Magoo had a heart attack. We were able to get him to the hospital quickly thanks to a medic who just happened to be at the party. Magoo was able to return next morning . Take care of yourself buddy. we want you here for the next decade of there is now a 2 on the tote board under trips to the hospital. 2 nd time in 3 years, lol love ya frank!! Sat was the car show and parade. the whole thing went so fast. It all was a success... Sat night about 10 o'clock we were able to go visit Ed as we always do. Magoo,Mitch,Jeff and his wife Julie, Flash and I, all wondered around looking for him, Every year we do the same thing. Finally we found it, Funk,Funk,and Fink. We stood there telling Ed stories for nearly an hour and laughing like fools.what a great time. Love ya Ed!!. Sunday morning saw me on the road headed East. I can't say enough about the work and dedication by Ilene. Mom takes such good care of all of us. Thanks for everything!!!! Cant wait till next year. better start my projects now...

Mitch did this fabulous art for the local sheriff. A hit of the show!!!

The local TV station came over to interview several of the artists and Ilene about the reunion. We ended up stripin' the snot out of their HHR.Nyuk nyuk.that'll teach'em.

this would be mitch's gas hole!!! I think he stuck the wrong end of the brush in his mouth
I think he likes his stripe job. Mitch has now finked all the squads in Manti. Now, whats next??
my award for the show. I picked the flamed dodge panel wagon.. super nice!!! this would be,Mr Lee's 46 dodge wagon

the reunion has become a big event in Manti. The city even puts out these cool banners on the lamp posts . Man how do I get one of those???
I dont even know what to say.......
Well the smart looking one is Jeff DeGrandis.He drew this years official event design. Man it's great!!! HEY, MO!!!!


Ken Mitchroney said...

HA HA, I posted first! You now owe me and In and Out burger. Fresh , with no ice.
Great hanging with ya bud. Hope to see you real soon.

Doug said...

The RFR was fun as always..
The striping you did on my bike.
(The Red Honda VTX) Saturday night
Was Awsome, and we all had fun watching you and McGoo Work.

Jack said...

Thank You
I look forward to yours and Mitch's post on the "Party in Manti". The story was great and pictures were wonderful. Does Ilene have Tshirts left for us that didn't attend? Love to get one.
Again Thank You

Do you still have the RF hats.

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

Jack ilene has shirts left. better get them early.. yes there are a few hats left.

Jack said...

Can I get a RF Hat from you. Moldy said you had them and I've always wanted one. Let me know ho much and where do I send check.

How much are you selling the 16 Gallon cans for?

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

jack. email me and ill get you the info.