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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The summer is turning out to be busier than expected.. Last week, I was in Minnesota for "Back to the Fifties", held at the Minnesota state fairgrounds. I've been doing this show for the last 12 years. Every year I've been there they have set a record for attendance. This year was no exception. With gas at 4 bucks a gallon there were 11,700+ hot rods over 200 cars more than last years record. It won't be long before Back to the 50's is the largest car show in the country.. this isnt a street rod only show. they let in cars to the early 70s and there are all kinds of cool cars that you never see anywhere else. they also set up the traffic patern so you can circle the grounds in one big loop. There are the cruisers and the watchers. This goes on from the early hours till midnight. these people love cars and it shows... I was buried with work almost from the first hour. IT WAS A LONG WEEKEND.
this one was a little short on sheet metal. and was my first victim

Liz & Andy have been hangin' with me the last couple shows. He is a budding pinstriper and wants to watch. lord knows why. Liz knows how to get my attention!!!

It warms my Finky heart to see the younger generation.carrying the torch .. very good Rat Fink tattoo.
Maybe the coolest wagon ever..
Woody was my next door neighbor. When the Electrical inspector busted us he was there to help ... thanks!!
this would be Chris Anderson. The guy who made all that great stained glass for me. He took home one of my cans. thanks Chris!!
There was a gentleman parked right in front of my booth on friday whos' buddy wanted me to do some work on his car. This man wanted to show me somthing on his car. behold a Rat Fink painted by the Big Daddy. he proceded to tell the story of how his car got scratched on the way to an indoor show and he managed to get Ed to do a Fink to cover it after the show was over. the best thing was the show promoter couldnt get Ed to do one for him and had a fit when he saw this.. all Ed wanted in return was a trip to breakfast the next morning.
Ed Fink circa 1995


Ken Mitchroney said...

Great stuff Mr Cooper. From the" Roth Fink" to 'Mighty Mouse". And who knew you liked cookies?

Chris Anderson said...

Hey COOP! Thanks for the can, it's Tiki-licious! I brought it to work and had it sitting on my desk. My co-workers were quite curious!

Thanks again!