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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the flying eagle.... again

Its been a busy summer so far. The van nationals are fast approaching,and I haven't had time to get to the stuff I've wanted to do on the Eagle Van. The last week I've made an effort to get these things done. Last weekend Dale came down and help finish the set up on the fuel injection. That ,I think, is ready to go. she's purrin' like a kitten.
finishing the wiring.
Dale does his magic on the computer. this took hours, and beer. thanks dale.

This week I've started the painting on the rear I've been wanting to do since I got the van.. The Flying Eagle had a real cool graphic on the back of a spread wing eagle with a typical Greg of Akron scene in the center. I want to replace this graphic and work it into the existing paint scheme. this is the original paint job. this photo was taken at the van nationals in 1976.
Got it layed out exactly where it was.

this is as far as T got today. The holiday weekend will be busy. I cant wait!!!


Ken Mitchroney said...

That is going to be AWESOME dude! Forget the buggy, let's take that to the next Rat Fink reunion!

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

ill pick u up in reno. and we can have a hot in-n-out burger. lol.

Anonymous said...

Your a magician with the paint gun and stripes, butt whats with the no mask, how's your lungs? Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Other than my bad news!, in case you haven't heard, one of the women who is security at the daytona track, was raped and murdered by a inmate at the Tomoka prison, this last week, the good looking blonde.
Sad time.
Your southern bud jim

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

man that is horrable news. you know what I think should happen to those guys... I learned to hold my breath. lol... keep a happy thought