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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Before I can work on the van I needed to do a job for a customer. Today it was lettering a horse drawn ambulance for Mr. Green. He is a regular of mine. He restores horse drawn vehicles of all kinds,and has a large collection of them.
He needed this done for a show he's going to this weekend and I promised him it would be done.

stage coaches, hearses, wagons, and lots more. these things had miles of stripes on them!
I've spent a lot of hours in this building.

last night it was the white base, candy red(transparent color) and the shadows, today it was the white highlights,some color, face details and a coat of clear. tomorrow, phase 2. unmask this and mask the next few color panels. see ya tomorrow.

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Ken Mitchroney said...

I Could watch you work all day long. Come to think of it,..I have. great stuff, You keep at it and i will go to the In and Out burger.