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Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's football season and I've been helping my bud Tommy, work on the coach we use to tailgate. You would think we would do this before the season started,but NOOOO, we do the same thing each year. This time the water holding tank sprung a leak and fixing it snowballed into a 2 week project. The seat over the tank was broken , the electronics under there needed to be moved and rewired . We had to completely replum the water lines. The floor needed reworked. had to run a new electrical outlet to the side etc etc.

Then my daughter Vanessa bought a house. guess who got to play plummer and tile installer...

dont forget cabinet installer and drywall repair

In my free time I am doing a couple more cans. I,ve been burnin' them up lately.

these are some of the things ive been doin


Ken Mitchroney said...

well, this explains why i have not heard from you since the neolithic period. Wow! I will have a list of repairs for you when you come back to Martinez.
It's okay, I pay out in " In and Out " burgers.

The fink can looks great by the way.

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

Woo hoo , I'll be right over NUK NUK