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Sunday, November 16, 2008

    There never seems to be a limit to the kinds of things I'm asked to paint. This customer has a Jaguar and wanted a picture of her 2 birds painted on the back.. that's a first for me..

  1. Well, I've made quick work of this one. When things get to be to much,I take out my frustrations on something like this. The bodywork is finished and I got several coats of primer on it. A little wet sanding and its ready to start painting. but first I've got to build the frame and install the axles and figure out the configuration for the drive gears. the "boys" took the rear axle to stretch it 6".Its too narrow for the body and needs to fit just beyond the wheel wells. now that I've got it this far I want to get it finished .

  2. This is the week all Ohio State fans live for . That dreaded school up north . Sat. is the big game and then its off to the Turkey Run and the usual trek to Fla. followed by the Mooneyes, and Brush Off party. A lot of fun and work but I wouldn't miss it. but that means the van project is going to have to wait a couple weeks.

sanding is good for the soul, but its hell on the joints.

oh. I don't work in my Ohio State sweat shirts..

  • sanding is done.. lets primer this Ferd !

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