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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Well, It was more fun than naked Crockett. The Michigan game was a Buckeye beat down. After all those years under coach Cooper, It is sweet to finally do the same to those Wolverweenies.

Linda, Tom, and Richard cooking at the tailgate. Man it was cold. 18 degrees when we got there..
Script Ohio,and the son. We haven't missed a Michigan game Since he was old enough to go to one.

Hey Joe. I can't read those numbers... Whats that say??? check out those first quarter stats!!!! GO DEFENSE !!!!!
The next day It was off to the warm south. Got halfway to Florida and got a flat... well , a long story short, a new tire in Gorgia and back on the road.
I made it to my buddy Jim Bag's,and picked up my tarps and stuff that I leave down there ,and went to the Daytona speedway for the Turkey Run.

Its been awhile since I had to set this up.. My good bud Ken Mitchroney.came to Fla for the holiday and is working with me all weekend. He came out to help set this thing up.. HERE I AM MOE!!!

Never been to the -eat more chikin- place before. Not an IN-N-OUT Burger,but quite good... Let the paint slopin begin!!!

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The Blue Parrot said...

Chicken? (and yes, thank you, I know about Chik Fil A

What? No Steak and Shake???

That boy ain't right...