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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Got busy right off the bat.They were waiting!!

Beth was there to help watch the tables and serenade us with Hawaiian uke tunes..UKE UKE!!

Kenny knocked out a couple toilet seats. Was he really pissed and broke??

Did some stripes and flames on this one . It turned out great .To bad it was dark and the pic doesn't really show it

Buzz and wife Gwen showed up. what a laugh fest that was. Buzz started out at the Daytona speedway years ago ,as the resident sign painter,but he is a walking encyclopedia of NASCAR facts,and he ended up the historian for them. He is now the curator of the new NASCAR hall of fame in Charlotte. Way to go buzz man...can I have another bowl of fudge ripple???

Back to work.On Thursday we didn't get done till after 6. We went to the Holiday house in Deland to have turkey dinner.It's kind of a family style buffet. A little different. Definately a blue hair place ,but great food. We ended up going back again!

A fan.... Nice hat!!

Not sure which one is pissed and which is I am Moe.....
yet another happy hot rod goes out the booth.... I've been working on a lot of satin black cars lately.
One of floridas finest works my corner. Every day he hauls me down to Dutches' place for hot dogs and ice cream... Yummmm

Thats Dutch... being threatened by Kenny and his frozen weiner

Kenny consumes said weiner...after diping it in hot sauce... now cut that out!!
We worked untill dark again on Friday,then went to Kennys favorite mexican place, Monkey Jeeters, to celebrate his big 5-0

Double fisted good!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA OLD FART!!! And thanks for the movies......I'm here Moe!!!


The Blue Parrot said...

Glad to see someone had fine time last weekend...

Gear_Shifter said...

Very nice layout on the yellow car's striping on the trunk...

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

gee thanks

Ken Mitchroney said...

Cold hot dogs, Pinstriping and Coop. Not a bad little birthday. Thanks for a fun time Cooper,and see you at the In and Out next weekend!

" Here i am Moe"