Vanning is a compulsion, an obsession, an occupation, an affliction, a fascination, a fate. It is not a hobby. Those who do it, must. Those who don't, think it's a waste of time. For me it is a calling.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back to St. Cloud

Long time customer and friends,Laura and John Had me do their latest project a 53 pick up rat rod... she wanted a logo to match the one her dad had on his gas station back 50 years ago, and wanted it to look old and faded . Worked out pretty good. When i'm at the shows in Datona,Laura and John bring me breakfast every morning. Been doing it for nearly 10 years.. you don't know how much I appreciate that.

Speaking of appreciating..when in St.Cloud I stay with my vanner friends Lew and Agnes..what great friends they are. last trip Lew helped me fix a broken steering pump. Nothing quite so drastic this time.

Here is Lew getting ready for his lunch time nap.NYUK NYUK.

This time Lew's boss David had me do some work on his Harley

Then went to my favoritest mexican place,and had shredded beef buritos... ummm.. next was a rat rod that I've done before. Russ had me add some to the dash and a jacket he brought along.

then off to Judiths ..She had me help install a new screen door on her front door, get out the christmas decorations. Dang , this is too much like work!

Time for me to go home!!!

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