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Monday, December 1, 2008

more turkey ( run )

Striping for 4 straight days can be tiring. Up at 5 am to get to the track. working till dark. Lots of fun,but thankfully I don't do many shows in a year. The weather was great for all but the last day.

The first car in one day was a Plymouth Savoy. Turned out to be the red heads favorite car. Thought she was gonna bust.. I made her day when I asked her to move it for me.

Luckily there wasn't much gas in it, or it would have moved to California. There she goes Moe!!

More lines.Lines Lines.

Sunday dawned with storm and high wind warnings. after picking up everything 3 times we decided it was time to tear things down. 30 mph wind made it difficult. nice thing was we got an early dinner (at the holiday house) and got to bed early. There was more work to do after the show. I ended up in Deland Monday to do a car for Allen, one of my regular customers.

Its his daughters car. She wanted a small graphic with some barbed wire..and a skull on the back. She supplied the skull pic. Then it was off to St.Cloud to do more.

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