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Thursday, March 6, 2008

the mails here ,the mails here !!!!

Today the UPS man pulls in the drive and leaves this huge box. Inside I find the long awaited stained glass pieces for the Flying Eagle 2. A few years ago while working the Back to the Fifties car show in Minnesoooota , I met Chris Anderson ,He asked if I minded if he hung around , watched and learned. Well evidently he learned something and has come back to see me every year since. Come to find out he has several artistic skills ,including stained glass. 2 years ago he showed up with a fabulous stained glass Rat Fink and presented it to me.
To say the least I was moved. Then when I needed the stained glass tail lights and window for the interior door replaced on the Eagle, he was the one I wanted to make them. Today they arrived!!!!! What a great job, I cant wait to get them installed in the Eagle. THANKS CHRIS...U DA MAN! you notice I found the rear harpoon bumper...

I also came across this photo.Earlier this past summer we were riding through down town Columbus, and we see this building at the corner of Long and High streets. Look closely at the name on the paint cans (click on the pic to make it large) This was somewhat disturbing since I had nothing to do with it. look closely at the bottom of the wall. A car and a van covered with paint. This was quite a cool concept. I still don't have any idea why they picked me. So being the smart ass I can be, I got out my paints and pinstriped the green van and signed it. I think it is still there.


Ken Mitchroney said...

I really need to get a ride in that thing! I will be growing out my mutton chop sideburns till then.

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

you'll look kind of funny with more hair on the bottom of your head than the top

Chris Anderson said...

Hey COOP, thanks a bunch for the kind words! It was a pleasure putting them together for ya, I appreciate the opportunity.

Looking forward to seeing you in June, I'll bring the spare tailight you had sent me for reference.


Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

just what i need more ford parts layin around