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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Today I did another restoration project for a customer of mine A 1930 ford model A. The model A guys just don't want tape stripes on their cars. The factory stripes were all done by hand and a true restoration has to have hand painted stripes. These can be the more difficult jobs for the striper. Long straight lines are the most challenging.

Model A's have several different variations of stripes. Through the center band ,the bottom raised band, double stripes through the center following the ridge thet goes up behind the windows. Roadsters had even more. 2 and 4 door models were different as were pick-up trucks.

No model A job would be complete without striping the dash. This is the easiest way to do it if your customer will call you while the car is apart, but most that i've done are in the car. A real pain in the ass. Actually the dash is really the gas tank. Since the A's didn't have fuel pumps, they were gravity fed & the tank had to be higher than the engine. As you went down the road, you had as much as 10 gallons of gas in your lap. Nader would have had a field day with that one. Well that one's done . Back to workin' on that can


Ken Mitchroney said...

Glad to see they found someone old enough to remember how the stripes where done. So, did they really have I"n and Out" burgers, when you striped back in the day?

Greg "COOP" Cooper said...

YOOO funnie..